Thursday, July 21, 2011

Post 3: It's Hard to Write a Blog

Listen up Bloggies!  It's time to dry those tears and blow those runny schnozzes 'cause I'M BACK!  I know you all missed me while I was gone but believe me when I say that I missed you too!  I do recognize that I need to apologize for my absence.  I had really good intentions, I swear.  I meant to write... but there was this little problem that I had.  This problem called "I lead a pathetically boring life."  I've started about a bajillion household projects in the last week and I have yet to finish any of them.  So guess what you get to hear about today?  That's right!  Those lame, half finished projects!  WOO HOO!!!

Project Numero Uno: Brighten Up the Living Room
OK so we last left off with my rambling about selecting neurotically cheerful paint colors for my living room makeover.  As I mentioned, I went with a lovely selection by the name of Fountain Spout (by Behr). Let me tell you my little Blogaritas, it really does not get more jovial than Fountain Spout.  I'm tellin' ya.  Just look at this color and you're going to have a perma smile plastered on your face.  Check it out!

Before...How gloomy...

During...Look at Andrew go!  I think Fountain Spout is really motivating him!

After!  Fountain Spout has really lifted Clancy's spirits!

So what do you guys think?  Is Fountain Spout your color of choice?  It's OK if it's not...everyone that's seen it so far has said, "Wow.  That'"  But I don't care because I LOVE IT!  And I will love it even more once I finish the geometric pattern that we are painting on one of the walls!  Here is a sneak peek:

Pattern Wall!  More to come on this topic in following blog posts...

Well, that's all I've got for now.  Stay tuned for more posts on my other half finished projects and step by step How To's!  Sleep tight Bloggies!

PS I dedicate this post to the lovely Karina Brazas...thank you for pestering me until I put a new post up. Maybe next time you go on a jaunt to Europe you will take me so I actually have something to write about!  (Just a thought...)

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