Monday, January 30, 2012

Coyote Rape is Real

Hey there Blogsters!  I just thought I'd write a post because the weather has been SO amazing here in SD this past week.  We're talkin' high 70's, low 80's.  IN JANUARY.  This is the part of living in Southern California that I luuuuvvv.  That's right.  Love with 4 u's instead of o's, 3 v's and no e's.  That's on a whole different level.

Anyway, with the warm weather and Andrew off suntanning in the desert (he deployed 2 weeks ago) I've taken up hiking on the weekends.  I found this really cool area only two miles away from my house that has a ton of hiking/mountain biking/horseback riding trails!  It's called Daley Ranch and it basically rocks my face off.

I keep trying to drag everyone I know up to Daley with me, but for some reason most people are resistant.  Maybe it's my over exuberant attitude towards dirt trails.  I guess that could be slightly off-putting.

A picture of me explaining how awesome Daley Ranch is, over a healthy lunch of green beans, french fries, and mystery meat.

So far I have only convinced my roommate and our dogs to go hiking.  That's basically one person.  So, I've decided to put up some pictures of my hiking experiences in hopes that it will lure you all into the awesomeness of walking on dirt trails at a steady incline.  I need a hiking partner.  I need someone with me so I don't get a coyote...  MY SAFETY IS AT STAKE HERE PEOPLE!  Do your part to end coyote rape; go hiking with me.

My roommate Jasmin and I trying on some bitchin' hiking hats at Walmart.  If you become my new hiking partner, you too can look cool like me!

This is Middle Pond.  It's a tiny little pond in the middle of the desert-y hike.

I have deemed this part of the hike "Death Trail".  It's because you want to die halfway up.  Please don't let Death Trail discourage you from the fun that can be had on your hike with me when you become my new hiking partner!

Clancy and Guy thoroughly enjoyed their hiking experience.  They made it up Death Trail and so can YOU!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm bbaaaacckkkk!

Hey bloggies!  I'm baaaacccckkk!  After going home to Washington for awhile over Christmas I got a lot of requests/angry threats (kidding...kind of...) to keep on a-truckin' with my blog.  To be honest, I quit blogging because I just got kinda busy and just kept putting it off.  I'm sorry I ditched sorry.  You needed me, and I wasn't there for you.  I understand if you want to quit reading.  And I understand if you want those mix CD's back that you gave me.  You put a lot of time and effort into them and I acted like I didn't even care.  But I did care blogette.  I did.  I listened to them every night as I fell asleep.  I thought of you every day.  I want your reading eyes back in my life.  And I know you want me back too.  (This part of the blog was meant to be read while listening to this song.)

So anyway, I'm back and I'm ready to write.  I hope you'll stay with me.  I'll even keep obnoxiously advertising my new posts via facebook.  I'll be on your newsfeed so much, you won't even remember why you missed me.  So get ready blig blogs...get. ready.

And now, funny cat.