Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm bbaaaacckkkk!

Hey bloggies!  I'm baaaacccckkk!  After going home to Washington for awhile over Christmas I got a lot of requests/angry threats (kidding...kind of...) to keep on a-truckin' with my blog.  To be honest, I quit blogging because I just got kinda busy and just kept putting it off.  I'm sorry I ditched sorry.  You needed me, and I wasn't there for you.  I understand if you want to quit reading.  And I understand if you want those mix CD's back that you gave me.  You put a lot of time and effort into them and I acted like I didn't even care.  But I did care blogette.  I did.  I listened to them every night as I fell asleep.  I thought of you every day.  I want your reading eyes back in my life.  And I know you want me back too.  (This part of the blog was meant to be read while listening to this song.)

So anyway, I'm back and I'm ready to write.  I hope you'll stay with me.  I'll even keep obnoxiously advertising my new posts via facebook.  I'll be on your newsfeed so much, you won't even remember why you missed me.  So get ready blig blogs...get. ready.

And now, funny cat.


  1. Don't worry... I've always been right here. Waiting for you.

    PS: Don't pretend like you've followed the link when you haven't... I'll know.

  2. Touche Melina, touche. Funny Cat and I are so moved.