Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tweet Twit Twat: The Downfall of Social Media

Ayyyyyyy Bloggarinos!  (That's my impression of The Fonz in case you didn't get that.)  I'm feeling sassy and inspired today so I feel like it's a good time to revive the good ol' bligblog.  (Because who wants to read a blog written by someone who is feeling docile and unimaginative?  I mean, seriously.  I only want to read blogs that are written at the author's peak of sassiness.  Otherwise you're just wasting my time.)  Is that weird that my first paragraph is almost entirely encapsulated in parenthesis?  Eh.  Whatever it's my blog.  Get over it.

So have any of you noticed how RIDICULOUS people are getting on social networking these days?  Like, for real.  Just because you can take a picture of your food and post it online doesn't mean you should.
Look, I'm browning hamburger in a skillet.  That requires exceptional culinary skill.  And I took this picture at a jaunty angle with my cell phone so you understand that I am kind of artsy in addition to being a culinary genius.

And just because you can "check in" at the gym and post a picture of yourself flexing in the mirror doesn't mean you should.
Killer thighs, bro.

Now I know that this one is going to bother some people but you know what?  I don't care.  Because even if you are pregnant and you can take a picture of your "belly bump" every single day and post it online, doesn't mean you should.
OMG!  You're about to pop!  I bet you can't wait to get that little guy out of you!  You must be SO uncomfortable!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a strange and semi-unhealthy obsession with social media.  I even got cut off by Facebook one time because I was spending a "suspicious" amount of time on their site (don't judge me).  But even I have a hard time dealing with the abundance of these types of posts on my news feeds.  I proposed on Facebook a few weeks ago, that people should have to pass a test to get a license in order to operate social media.  I think it's a brilliant idea (obviously, I came up with it) but others seemed to be in favor of it too.  So what do you think my little Blogettes?  (You'd better say it's a good idea...or else...)  And now, for the best part of the internet, funny cat.

"BLAAAHHHCCCHHHH!  Your Facebook PDA disgusts me!" - Crazy Cat says no to social media PDA.

PS While we're on the topic of social media, I have a brand new iPhone now and am back in the Twitterverse!  Follow me @brittanytate01